Who is Skit Fury?

Who is Skit Fury?

Skit Fury is the 1st ever winner of the “Who Got Next?” showcased powered by Aubrey Skye. The Bronx native is a song writer, producer, and music engineer. His name Skit is short for “Skitsanfrantic” given that he’s very multitalented and diverse with his flows. Skit first fell in love with music at the age of 14 and has been rapping ever since. He is a member of the Star-Frame camp with others such as Krush Dallas, Marlo Beats, Tyler Mac (Black Ink), and DJ BDS. Check out Skit Fury latest single on soundcloud “Came 2 Collect”!

Skit’s Top 5 Then vs. Now

  • 1.) Biggie
  • 2.) 2pac
  • 3.) Eminem
  • 4.) Andre 3000
  • 5.) Jay-z
  • 1.) Drake
  • 2.) J.Cole
  • 3.) Wiz Khalifa
  • 4.) Kanye West
  • 5.) Ludacris

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